Our mission at Westchester College of Nursing and Allied Health is to provide quality nursing and allied health programs taught by a team of experienced faculty who are dedicated to serving individuals who seek a solid foundation for positions in the medical profession.

We are here to

  • Provide the student with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience needed to begin a career in the allied health professional areas.
  • Facilitate effective learning strategies and promote the use of acquired skills and knowledge for current and future employment.
  • Develop critical thinking skills and a lifelong dedication to learning.
  • Provide instruction and use of resources that enhance the connection between theory and professional practice, thereby assisting the student to prepare for the fulfillment of his or her career goals.
  • Provide professional, expert faculty capable of motivating students to their highest potential and empowering them with the academic preparation and skills the instructors possess as the underpinning of their own professional work.
  • Utilize technology to build efficient structures and methods for educational practice, curriculum, mode of instruction, and learning resources.
  • To provide a high quality and flexible learning environment by facilitating a synchronous distance education delivery system that will provide an interactive and collaborative educational experience.

We prepare students for work in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, physician’s offices, laboratories or their own private practice. Our programs are designed and taught to provide a quality career education that is relevant to the current and future needs of nursing and allied health professional areas and of society.