Vocational Nursing

Full-spectrum Vocational Nursing program consisting of the following 10 courses


  • VN 210 Fundamentals of Nursing
  • VN 210-C Fundamentals Clinical/Skills Lab
  • VN 220 Medical-Surgical & Introduction to Mental Health
  • VN 220-C Medical-Surgical & Introduction to Mental Health Clinical
  • VN 230 Medical-Surgical and Leadership
  • VN 230-C Medical-Surgical and Leadership Clinical
  • VN 240 Medical-Surgical and Maternity
  • VN 240-C Medical-Surgical and Maternity Clinical
  • VN 250-C Medical-Surgical and Pediatrics Clinical


The objective of the Westchester College of Nursing and Allied Health (WCNAH) Vocational Nursing program is to help every student develop the skills and knowledge that will enable them to provide excellent healthcare within the community. The vocational nursing student will develop knowledge and skills to provide direct care under the supervision of a physician or registered nurse in a variety of health care settings such as a hospital, long-term convalescent care facilities, and home health agencies. To receive a certificate of completion, the student must successfully complete the courses of study in the program.


Tuition Covers

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